Enjoy Sebastopol’s color-coded, self-guided walking tours.

Ditch the car and “take the PedLine.”

As part of our town commitment to protect the planet, we have developed a set of walking tours that can take you to our favorite destinations, with many lovely highlights along the way. Most everything you would want to see is within an easy 10 minute walk of the downtown Plaza:

  • The Green Line: to the Laguna de Santa Rosa, internationally recognized wetlands and birding site with winter and spring flash-mob kayaking.
  • The Pink Line: to the Florence Avenue Art Walk, where the folk art sculptures of Patrick Amiot are on display in neighborhood front yards.
  • The Blue Line: to Ives Park, site of many local festivals and home to the Sebastopol Center for the Arts and the 100% solar-heated Ives Pool.
  • The Purple Line: connecting the Joe Rodota Trail to Ives Park.

Download a printable version of the map

GPS location
You can view the map from your smartphone with your location identified. As with all GPS programming, your location will be approximate. But it will give you an idea of where you are and where you can go, by simply following the routes.

Find stores, restaurants, etc.
You can also locate restaurants, galleries, clothing stores, etc. using the City’s Business Directory. when you get to the category you want, click “Map It” and you will get a map with your location, the location of the businesses you are interested in and the PedLine routes so you can orient yourself that way.